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Licensed and Bonded
B-2 General Contractor
License #: NV0087025
Bid Limit: $245,000

NASCLA Affiliated Member

advancedtsd in henderson, NV on Houzz

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For most payments we prefer a check or money order but on those rare occassions where a payment must be made immediately and you are unable to get it to us, you may make a payment online.  Please make sure to provide your project number, Parcel number, or address so we can make sure it gets credited to the correct account.


For all other circumstances, please contact your project representative for best payment procedures regarding your project; such procedures may be wire transfer, check, money order, direct bank draws, or 3rd party payment services.


If you are in need of a payment voucher for your financial institution or 3rd party inspector, please contact your project representative and we will get those forms over to you as quickly as possible.  Please see your project contract for approximate payment schedules and dont hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Payments made on this system may take up to 7 days to process

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