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About us


From a new design to a complex restoration, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands. With years of experience and outstanding planning and design expertise, our team will inspire confidence.   How we accomplish this is by assisting the owner in controlling every aspect of their project from within instead of hiring out the project to a Contractor to tack on a major fee.  Our fee's are very simple and much less than these contractors and we give you 100% control with none of the frustration or confusion.  We have over 15 years experience in the field of construction and we will bid on any sized project.  Learn more about our professional and creative approach for every project we take on. 

Our Promise To You


 As our customer, you will receive the individualized attention you require during all phases of the project.  From the first draft to the final inspection, we will be at your side.   We will schedule every sub-contractor, collect all documents for you, and keep everything nice and neat in a collection for you to be able to refer back to at the end of the project.  Our final goal is to see a happy client that will tell all their friends so how can we make your dream into a reality?  Check out our website to learn more about our philosophy and why we stand apart from the competition.

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